An Embedded system can be described as a combination of software embedded in computer hardware, making it dedicated for a variety of applications or a part of a specific application or product or as a part of a larger system. In simpler terms, it is a stand-alone, intelligent system that is dedicated to running a set of tasks from the moment the ‘power on ‘button is activated. Embedded Systems Development is the process of designing and developing such products.

We are skilled in delivering advanced firmware design and development services for consumer electronics, IoT, and other industrial solutions. Our deep-rooted experience in hardware, operating systems, low-level diagnostics, and performance tools is an enabler in building projects that combine speed and performance for cost-effectiveness. From a point of view of customization, we offer firmware development services for microcontrollers, from 8 bit to 64 bit.

Whether it is RTOS or Bare metal in the IoT system, we ensure the best output with our established credentials in this area of Embedded Software Development.

We build Board Support Packages (BSPs) that initialize the processor, communication buses, memory, and peripherals and start up the boot loader. We also set some environmental parameters for working with a given embedded operating system (OS). The BSPs that we create, operate with minimal modifications on similar target boards. With our proven expertise in BSP porting services, we ensure the successful performance of the operating system, all the peripherals, and the board support package in embedded systems.

Among our other skill sets are architecture porting and board porting for Linux or RTOS platforms. We provide Linux Board Support Package development for various Linux solutions. We create a full BSP, including boot loaders (U-Boot, Red Boot). To make Linux work on an embedded platform we adapt the Linux kernel to the target CPU. This involves architecture porting and board porting which comprises writing custom drivers and initialization code for devices that are specific to the board. While completing a Linux development board support package, we help you customize and optimize your Linux-based system. The ability that we possess in the Embedded Software Development space is reflected in the variety of industries that we cater to.

Comprehensive BSP development and Re platforming are among our areas of expertise. Whether it is for your lighting automation or gate control, sensor interface, or RFID-based solutions, you can count on our competence.

Lanware, with its deep knowledge in Embedded Systems Development, has gained a considerable level of experience in the Application and UI&UX development space. As two terms that denote User Interface and User Experience respectively, they are very important, from a Mobile App Development perspective. While UI is the ‘Look’ aspect of the design, UX is the ‘Feel’ aspect. For an app to function effectively both these must do well, in combination. Designing a mobile interface has much more to do than use appealing themes, interfaces, typography, or attractive colors. It is more about functioning and boosting user engagement. It should simultaneously serve the needs of users, who are both beginners and those at an advanced level.

Our Embedded Systems Development competence delivers unique user experiences for our clients, delivering performance, value, and superior product lines.


Lighting Automation

  1. Smart switch design & development
  2. Dimmer/ RGB controls
  3. Power measurement 
  4. Wi-Fi / Z-Wave  interface
  5. Cloud interface

Curtain/Shade Control

  1. Curtain control  design & development
  2. Sensor Interface
  3. Wi-Fi interface 
  4. Cloud interface

Gate/Garage Control

  1. Gate control design & development
  2. Sensor Interface
  3. Wi-Fi interface 
  4. Cloud interface

Door Lock Automation

  1. Door Lock Interface design & development
  2. Wi-Fi / Z-Wave  interface
  3. Could interface 

RFID based Solutions

  1. RFID based Access Control Systems
  2. RFID based Asset Tracking Solution
  3. Asset  & Inventory Management
  4. Asset Location Tracking

Sensor Interfaces

  1. Occupancy/Daylight
  2. Vibration 
  3. Temperature and Humidity sensors 

Touch Screen Based Solutions

  1. 7" & 10.1" Screens 
  2. Linux based 
  3. Capacitive touch
  4. QT User Interface Applications
  5. Cloud Interface ready (MQTT, REST)

Credit Card Terminal

  1. Credit card terminal Integration design & development
  2. USB interface 
  3. Credit card Gateway integration 
  4. Cloud interface

Fingerprint Reader Interface

  1. Fingerprint reader interface design & development
  2. 1:N matching
  3. Server side matching 

Barcode & QR code interface

  1. Barcode reader interface
  2. USB interface
  3. Cloud interface

Printer Interface

  1. Printer interface design & development
  2. USB interface

SBC Interface

  1. Single Board Computer Interface
  2. Linux/ Android  based solutions
  3. Raspberry pi / Odroid Based solutions


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