Developing a new electronic product is as much a challenge as much as it may seem easy. There has to be deep research, planning, and strategizing involved with rounds of trials, errors, and revisions.

Our capabilities in electronic product development include hardware design, prototyping, and Industrial design. Whether it is to redesign and revamp an existing system or one that entails development from scratch, we have proven experience and expertise. Our end-to-end services in this area comprise all phases in the circuit and PCB design. Innovation is a key aspect that is central to our approach to delivering the best results for our client objectives.

As with any other project, the Electronic Product Development Process has many stages before attaining completion. In the best interests, it is advisable to complete each stage and move on to the next.

Electronic Product Development is characterized by quickness and has deadlines to be met. Product Development must not be pushed into the manufacturing phase quickly and would backfire if done so.

The intention must be to launch or develop a product that meets or exceeds customer expectations and anything has done hurriedly make defeat the purpose.

Thorough market research is crucial for the success of any product that is planned to be launched. Ascertaining the need, difficulty in selling, competitor details, possibility of patenting in case of new technology, and many other connected aspects. Differentiation is a key factor that must be taken into account before launching the product.

Research, which holds a key role in Electronic Product Design and Development, leads to the design phase which varies between companies. It could start with the Proof of Concept (POC), prototypes, 3D design or directly get into the schematic design phase. If the concept could solve customer problems, the POC would be appropriate and wouldn’t be expensive to build, giving the company a preview of the concept. If it has been ascertained that the concept will address customer problems, the next endeavor, a creative one, is to go for the 2D or 3D model to get a feel of the product. Circuit Schematic design shows how the PCB would work and is the representation of the future electronic device. Every step in the Electronic Product Design and Development process is significant in moving to the next.

The next step is the PCB design, to be carried out by qualified professionals. PCB layout is important from the product’s functionality point of view. It has to be realistic in size, be practical, convenient for the 3D model, and cost-efficient too.

What looks good on the board or white sheet might be different when tested and hence this phase has significance. There could be many rounds of revisions and remodeling. Any issue would be highlighted to make corrections before zeroing in on the final product. Electronic Product Design and Development thus needs meticulous planning. Figuring out costs for mass production is the final step before the actual manufacturing takes place.

Lanware’s skills in creating prototypes, encompassing 3D modeling and printing extend to Industrial Design too. We aim to use the best of resources to design and create innovative products for our customers with a methodical approach to pave the way for meaningful outputs that drive sales for our clients. Industrial design is a phased approach that blends inventing and developing and the process that we follow up delivers benefits of cost to our customers.

Enhance seeks to develop designs that inspire and exceed expectations. Our enthusiastic industrial design group is passionate about innovation and is resolved to make our clients objectives central to the process.

Our industrial designers take a direct and methodical approach with the goal of creating the most appealing products imaginable with meaningful solutions that drive sales for our clients. Industrial Design is conceptualizing your product through a phased approach of inventing and development. Our process is methodical to provide our clients with an effective and economical approach to product development


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