A trendsetter in the IT domain, DevOps bridges the gap between Development and Operations. DevOps is all about blending people, processes, and technology to enable innovation and collaboration in the software development chain. Lanware provides the complete cycle of DevOps Development Services from assessment and architecture to monitoring and analytics, Lanware provides the entire range of services comprising Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) and multi-cloud deployments, thus automating all stages of the software development and delivery process. The continuity ensures improved swiftness, receptivity, and quality in the software. The concept of two separate teams is absent in DevOps where both are merged to form a unified group that takes care of everything right from development to operations. Other teams like those responsible for security and QA may also be integrated into development and operations throughout the life cycle. The teams work for the optimization of both productivity and operations. There is a process that is set to communicate frequently, increase the quality of services and improve efficiencies. The tendency to take ownership of roles, beyond scope of responsibilities is also a hallmark, both in the case of DevOps solutions and DevOps services. Moving or making a transition to DevOps warrants a mindset and cultural shift The focus in DevOps is to replace the traditional technologies or practices that make processes slow and automation takes the front seat, while also helping those involved to complete tasks independently and on time. DevOps has its own benefits among which speed, reliability, consistent and fast delivery, security, boosted collaboration and scalability are prominent. For DevOps to be successful there are best practices that need to be borne in mind to ensure success. Continuous integration and delivery, microservices, infrastructure as code, monitoring and logging, and finally communication and collaboration need to be carried out so that organizations are able to deliver reliable and faster updates to their customers.

Automated management of application lifecycle and deployment of distributed and cloud hosted enterprise application is a necessary to save time and increase time to market.

With the use of cutting edge devops tools and technologies, we offer services to design and implement devops practices that align to all stages of the application lifecycle including a plan, track, develop, build, test and deploy.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) pipelines play an important role in orchestrating the automated build and deployment of multiple components involved in the solution.

With our exposure to a large set of both proprietary and open-source tools and technologies, we can assist you in design and set up all kind of CI/CD pipelines, whether it is direct or containerized deployments

To reduce the vendor dependency on cloud providers and to utilize the best set of services, enterprises adopt multi-cloud strategy especially for the large, distributed solutions.

Since different cloud providers have totally different set of cloud services and resources, a well architected strategy is required for provisioning, configuring, securing, and BCDR functions (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery).

Automated techniques to review, observe, analyze and manage the performance and availability of servers, applications and websites and other infrastructure resources is a must to get early insights to ensure business continuity and to help in decision support.

With our expertise in end-to-end monitoring and analytics on public and private cloud infrastructure and services, we can assist you to employ the right set of tools and technologies to meet the requirements.

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